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PTO minutes


PTO Meeting - October 21, 2014


Mr. Jones opened the meeting and notified the attending parents that the cookie dough/tumbler sell went really well. We sold over $50,000 worth and BES will be able to keep a little over $20,000 from this fundraiser. One parent suggested that we look into the possibility of offering more teams on the tumblers. Our goal is to have the cookie dough and tumblers here and sent home before the Thanksgiving Break.  Our next step will be to determine the top sellers and get the prizes settled.


He also informed parents this week second and fourth grade students have been taking the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). Fourth grade finished their pencil/paper version today while second grade will continue their testing for the remainder of the week - online. We did experience some glitches with the testing this week online - which may cause some concern for the upcoming GMAS (in the spring) of which 20% of our students will be taking online as well.


Parents voiced their concern over the fact that there is such a strong push towards online testing when the school's infrastructure is not prepared and there are paper/pencil items such as books that are still needed. For example, here at BES we are raising money for classroom libraries when there is such a strong push towards online assessment. Parents asked if this was a Bonaire,  Houston County, or State push for the online assessments. It is a state initiative. Some parents work hard to limit 'screen time' for their students.

Other parents voiced that one positive outcome of online assessments is the valuable metrics (data) that we are able to receive which will assist with closing 'gaps' in student learning and teaching.


The question was raised as to do we Bonaire Elementary/Houston County have corporate sponsors who can help improve the infrastructure and give funding to prepare us for the ultimate goal of 100% online assessments within five years.  Mr. Jones mentioned that RAFB is currently in the process of donating computers to our school.


Mr. George Levy then took the floor representing PTO.


Our Bonaire Bonanza made approximately $4,500 in profit. This is a nice step toward the PTO's goal of $10,000 raised for technology.


The next big fundraiser will be the Winter Wonderland store in December. The PTO desperately needs volunteers to help sell items from 9:00 - 12:00 and to help decorate the store prior to  its opening. More information will be going home with students as to the particulars.


PTO will also continue to have our Wednesday School Sales where sell school supplies and BES shirts.  The PTO needs volunteers to help sell these items as well. Volunteers are asked to be available at 7:30 a.m. because students arrive at 7:45 a.m.


PTO also sells snow cones and popcorn during recess on Fridays. Again, volunteers are needed for this as well.


PTO has a website for volunteers. 


From the floor:


A parent asked PTO if it would be possible to email or post the notes from the PTO meetings and perhaps how to get into contact with the PTO officers for questions and to volunteer.  Please continue to do call outs about the meetings and perhaps email these announcements as well. 


One suggestion for fundraiser was to sell spirit sticks. Contact information was given to Mr. Levy.


Another suggestion was to accept donations of new items to sell at the Winter Wonderland.