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Guidance Counselor



Guidance Counseling for Elementary Age Students    

What an exciting adventure it is to work with elementary age children!  You NEVER know what awaits you.  As Guidance Counselor, my job is to help guide decision making skills for students in their academic, social, career, and personal lives.  In providing for the students at BES, time is spent in individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance sessions. Classroom guidance sessions are in grades kindergarten through fifth.  They are taught on a six to eight week rotation in the areas of academic, personal-social, career, character, and problem-solving skills.  These lessons are designed to influence skills necessary to better equip them in their personal and academic successes.  Small group sessions are taught as needed  and could include social skills, death, divorce, friendship (girl-power) skills, hygiene and many others.  In the list of websites posted, you will find tips to help students to soar in any area that could impact their academic success.


August 2018


Bullying Policies in Georgia Schools will be delivered to each student in the month of August. Please remember to go over the policies in the student handbook with your child.  Help us to have a safe environment at BES!  Go Wildcats!!!


P. A. W. S.

Positive Attitude....go a long way!

Always everything we do!

Works Diligently.....everyday to achieve success!

Safety First...make the right choices to help us to be safe!