Bonaire Bust a Move

Name of Club/Organization: Bonaire Bust A Move 

Faculty Sponsor/Contact: Emilee Coody, Miranda Stewart and Caroline Allen

Membership Requirements: 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students through tryouts:

Weekly conditioning is mandatory for each team member. Dancers are responsible for financial obligations and appropriate care of uniforms, shirts and any accessories/props. If any of these items are lost during the year, the dancer is responsible for the cost of replacing them. Dancers must wear the chosen outfit for each performance. If the dancer is not wearing the chosen outfit they will not be able to perform. Dancers must attend ALL practices the week of performances in order to perform. Practices will be closed. All dancers must have reliable transportation for all practices and performances. Dancers must be picked up by 5:00pm after practices. If you are late to leave 3 times (without arrangements), you will be placed on probation.Morning practices may be required. Dancer must have reliable transportation to these practices. Being tardy more than 3 times will result in probation. Practices are mandatory.  No dance team member is excused from practices, performances, or events unless the coaches give permission beforehand. In order to stay in good standing on the dance team, you need to maintain a B average & demonstrate PAWS behavior in the classroom. 

Financial Obligations/Dues: Approximately $100 for uniforms, shirts, props etc. Additional fundraising will be available.

Purpose: Physical exercise, team work, performance skills

Activities: Perform at a variety of school and community events

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Bonaire Bust a Move